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"comedy artist"

i'm Natasha Mercado-- a performer, director & facilitator of sacred spaces. i'm curious about absurdity, vulnerability and connection.  



DeMorge Brown,

"The Dress Up Gang",

Channel 101

"Natasha is "down-center, Come and get this..." hilarious. An irresistible dare in the face of obvious danger. 'Dontcha' wanna see what happens if ya ... ?'

And you do"

Chris Griswold,

Thunderbolt Comedy

"Natasha has a diverse skill set and a good sense of both fun and how people work. She understands art and play, and anyone would be lucky to work with her"

Inger Tudor,
Stage Raw Art & Culture "Tree" Solo Show Review

“A master comic storyteller... she conveys a world with just a look and a nod... poignant moments are particularly resonant in contrast to the almost non-stop hilarity."

John Gilkey,

Cirque du Soleil 

"Natasha is an absolute joy... She brings a wonderful spirit to ensemble play with an abundance of energy for each on stage moment. She is equally dedicated to her fellow performers, always present with support and appreciation."

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