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Thank you so much for coming

"Alex Kern and her co-writer and director, Natasha Mercado, have both trained extensively as clowns, which goes some way to explain how ethereal this Cynthia creature is. "

-Noho Arts District




"Glamorous, queer, astrological, cabaret. Embark on a journey through Emma Irene’s natal chart one drag character at a time. No astrology knowledge needed, but self-love is a must."



"One of the most enchanting, mystifying, original solo shows we saw all year long.” 

-The Comedy Bureau

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Trust me: I love you, I love you not

The haunting tale of La Llorona (The Weeping Woman), a timeless story deeply rooted in Spanish-speaking communities across Latin America & the US.

Around The Lake At Echo Park 

"Exciting, dangerous and hugely entertaining... I might have unwillingly dropped a tab of acid... comedy genius"

-All that Dazzles

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It’s hard to be happy, but all the other options are played out. Featuring the best of the Los Angeles clowns who have completed therapy. G-rated & accessible to all. Frick everything else.

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