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Whether you're an actor by trade or someone interested in having more engaging presentations, our coaching sessions together will stretch your ability to connect with a group of people.


By empowering your unique point of view, we’ll bring your stage presence to the next level. Create magical, memorable moments in front of an audience that plays "with" them-- not just "for".

become a clown:

- One-on-One

- In a Group / Ensemble

- Virtually

- In-Person

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Ready to start feeling confident & connected in any situation?


"Natasha unleashes life-changing creative superpowers using her amazing ability to be in tune with each student's unique potential.  I’m convinced she has X-Ray vision into our creative souls.  I look back at my own transformation since my first session with Natasha and I am in complete awe as to what I have accomplished.  My own anxiety with physical comedy had been like kryptonite holding back the positive impact I seek to make, but through Natasha’s safe, nurturing environment, all the worry went away.  Natasha made every session so rewarding and I was always looking forward to the next session..  I came away with many new creative superpowers that can only be learned from a true superhero and there is only one SuperNatasha!"

David Wall / Senior Data Analyst

"Natasha created such a sacred, supportive environment for us to explore and learn about clown for the first time. As someone who had very little knowledge about clown, this was such a valuable experience for me in ways I could not have imagined. She nurtured a space where we could begin the journey of discovering our clown and in the process discover (and rediscover) even more about ourselves. I was left with so many 'buds,' both personally and creatively, that I know will continue to grow and flourish for years to come."

Dana Robertson / Medical Professional

"Natasha cultivates bravery and acceptance by truly creating a safe space where you feel supported to do anything, say anything, and explore what’s possible within yourself. I have never taken an acting class before and knew nothing about clowning, but Natasha’s inviting, playful, yet grounding energy eased my fears from the very beginning. I had a blast! Even over zoom, she created the perfect playground to safely study different aspects of myself in ways that I didn’t expect. I found that the concepts introduced in Natasha’s Intro To Clown workshop add an extra dimension to any creative field and the experience of life in general. I feel liberated, empowered, and awakened from the exercises we did in class and am forever changed. Natasha is such a beautiful, special soul and I am beyond grateful our paths have crossed!"

Elora Lyda / Character Designer & Creative Life Coach

"Natasha was fabulous. She created a safe space where we were encouraged to play and stretch. [She] balances giving constructive feedback while keeping a positive environment extremely well."

Anonymous Feedback from Stomping Ground Comedy Theater

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